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 Saskia Laval – Owner of LavalBusiness & Lecturer Nyenrode Business University

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Speaker Profile

Saskia worked at an International Business school for 11 years, until she was promoted in Corporate Governance and Linguistics. After her promotion she carried on as an entrepeneur and she received an offer to work for the Nyenrode Business University. There she has been working for 7 years as lecturer and researcher Coporate Governance. Languages ​​remain her field of interest and therefore she also works as a teacher of Dutch at the University of Amsterdam. In addition, she works on various projects such as book translation of a book and providing advice in the field of Corporate Governance.


Customers would be much happier if manufacturers could eliminate waiting. Accounting systems, and the way we use them, play an important role here. However, if time is a key item, why are traditional accounting systems still being used opposed to alternative systems that value and measure time? Why are we still making use of traditional product costing and cost allocation approaches when time-based accounting does not lead to waiting times? After implementing QRM successfully, the next step would be to reconsider and adjust your accounting methods in order to achieve shorter lead times and better results. So, if this is the only step we need to make, then what are we waiting for?

Company Profile

LavalBusiness is involved in the professional areas of Corporate Governance and Linguistics. The main activities revolve around lecturing & research as well as providing training for professionals.

   QRM World Conference Eindhoven - 19th & 20th of June 2018

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