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A half day masterclass on:
Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM)


A competitive strategy for low-volume and custom-engineered products

Masterclass leader 
Professor   Rajan Suri  
Founder, QRM 

This masterclass is aimed at managers from all functional areas:

Yes, you can compete against low-wage countries!

Everyone knows that “time is money”, but this masterclass will show you that 
time is a lot more money than most managers realize!

Masterclass Description

Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) is a company-wide strategy for lead time reduction throughout the enterprise. Using QRM, companies have reduced their lead times by 80-90%. As a result these companies have not only seen large increases in market share, but also experienced 15-20% cost reduction and huge quality improvement. Although Lean Manufacturing techniques can be powerful in certain situations, for companies making low-volume or custom-engineered products, Lean techniques do not apply too well.

Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) can be a more effective competitive strategy for companies targeting such markets.

This masterclass will provide an overview of QRM strategy, which includes four core concepts:

1. The Power of Time

The non-obvious reasons why lead time is important (much more important than most managers realize), how it influences total operating cost and quality and how to take advantage of this realization. 

2. Organizational Structure

How to restructure your organization to minimize lead time throughout the enterprise. 

3. System Dynamics

How interactions between machines, people and products impact your lead times. As a result, capacity planning policies (e.g. machine and labor utilization) and lot sizing policies need to be rethought for QRM. 

4. Enterprise-wide Application

QRM is not just a shop floor approach; it is applied throughout the organization. This includes material planning and control, purchasing and supply chain management, office operations (such as estimating and order processing) and new product development. In particular, you will also be introduced to POLCA, a shop floor alternative to Kanban (Kanban does not work well for low-volume or custom products). You will also see data on the “bottom line” impact of QRM on product cost, quality, and lead times.

In addition to these four core concepts, companies find that the lead time and cost reductions resulting from QRM enable them to compete effectively against low-cost countries.
Tickets for this masterclass are only available in combination with a conference visit (Tuesday and/or Wednesday).

   QRM World Conference Eindhoven - 19th & 20th of June 2018

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