How does work become fun and effective again?

 Allard Droste of Aldowa – Entrepreneur and bestselling author

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Speaker Profile

Allard Droste bought the Rotterdam metal company 10 years ago, together with Jan Boom Aldowa, and converted the company into a specialist in aluminum façade panels. 

They achieved great successes by giving their employees, in the spirit of Ricardo Semler, as much freedom as possible. Droste then went on to write his bestselling book 'Semco in de Polder' about his experiences. Droste: "Inspire and dream. I place the dot on the horizon. This is also what I have done regarding my book. I have decided to turn it in to a bestseller that will eventually sell 10,000 copies. Now I just need to make sure that it really happens."


How does work become fun and effective again? In a very interactive manner Allard will take the audience into his world, where employees become co-entrepreneurs again. He will discuss how to create an environment in which people gain back their strengths. By getting rid of standard structures such as departments, job profiles, appraisal interviews or authorization forms, Allard has restored trust and personal responsibility in his company. As a result of his approach his employees became fully involved, leading to a fivefold growth of his company.

Company Profile

Aldowa is a specialist metal cladding company, located in Rotterdam and Breda. Active in construction and infrastructure and in collaboration with architects. Aldowa designs, manufactures and assembles the custom made façade panels for projects such as the Markthal Rotterdam, Calvin Klein Amsterdam, OVT Utrecht and Post X Antwerp.

   QRM World Conference Eindhoven - 19th & 20th of June 2018

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