How to implement QRM

 Hans Gerrese – Partner at Leanteam



There are many company success stories about the results acheived due to the implementation of QRM. This makes it clear that QRM is a powerful strategy in the current market. However, the question most companies ask themselves is how to implement QRM? This workshop provides you a with a plan and deals with how to implement QRM.

Company Profile

Leanteam is the leading consultancy company in the Netherlands in the field of QRM. Back in 2006, Leanteam initiated the visits of Prof. Dr. Rajan Suri to The Netherlands. Since then, Leanteam has been part of the implementation of QRM in more than 150 companies. Leanteam’s initial purpose was to translate the book 'It's about Time!' (in Dutch) and also wrote the 'QRM Pocket Book'. Leanteam co-founded the QRM Management Center in 2012 and initiated the QRM Master Program in order to teach the ins and outs of QRM.

   QRM World Conference Eindhoven - 19th & 20th of June 2018

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