How to attract interest in QRM

 Etienne Timmermans – Partner at Censor | For Change




When you start change within a company, it is essential that your co-workers are motivated in heading in this new direction. Censor has set-up a teaser program to enthuse people in QRM and explain the main principles in a short and playful manner. This is vitally important in getting your QRM implementation up and running.

Company Profile

Etienne is a partner at 'Censor | For Change', a consulting agency specialized in assisting organizations that are in desperate need of change. Censor has a rich tradition rooted in company training and educational programs, for both employees and employers. In the past 10 years they have been specializing in QRM, which is now proudly represented through the 'QRM by Censor' program. Censor operates from its belief that optimizing the balance between organizational dynamics, social dynamics and system dynamics is key in achieving long term QRM related goals.

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