Stop Down Management

 Paul J. van Loon – Partner at Censor | For Change

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Speaker Profile

Paul J. van Loon is a manager, director, entrepreneur, writer, artist and above all; expert in organizational dynamics. He practices these roles at Censor. Recently he published his latest book, called "Stop Down Management: If the old doesn't work anymore, what does?"


According to Paul, the modern, future-proof organization has to be a Quick Response Organization; more flexible and more adaptable than ever. Operating in a classic rake-structure will no longer get the job done. We must change course, organize differently, agile, in cells (neural, circular), with 'we-managers' that are able to connect people and 'shecision makers' who think along with people, instead of for people. Rather than merely lecturing, Paul experiments with theatre as a tool to convey his thoughts. He therefore collaborates on stage with his friend Rogier van der Ven, in the dynamic duo 'Klets' (Claptrap). Together they are known for presenting everyday nonsense by singing like nightingales that hardly bare daylight, and by pontificating on matters they do not even understand themselves. Except for management that is!

Company Profile

Paul is a partner at 'Censor | For Change', a consulting agency specialized in assisting organizations that are in desperate need of change. Censor has a rich tradition rooted in company training and educational programmes, for both employees and employers. In the past 10 years they have been specializing in QRM, which is now proudly represented through the 'QRM by Censor' program. Censor operates from its belief that optimizing the balance between organizational dynamics, social dynamics and system dynamics is key in achieving long term QRM related goals.

   QRM World Conference Eindhoven - 19th & 20th of June 2018

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