Complexitools: How to revitalize work and make entire organizations fit a complex world – aligned with QRM principles and sooner than you think

 Niels Pflaeging of the BetaCodex Network – Leadership philosopher, management exorcist, author and advisor

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Speaker Profile

Niels is a passionate advocate for a “new breed“ of leadership and profound change in organizations. He is founder of the BetaCodex Network. Prior to the BetaCodex Network, Niels was a director with the prestigious “Beyond Budgeting” Round Table for five years. Niels´ second book, “Leading with Flexible Targets Beyond Budgeting in Practice”, was awarded the Best Business Book Award - 2006 by the Financial Times Germany. Both this book and his two latest releases, entitled “Organize for Complexity” and “Complexitools” were lauded by critics & readers and became bestsellers. The German Financial Times: "When Pflaeging shakes the dogmas of management, they crumble in his hands."


In the domain of the complicated, pretty much any method will often suffice. Complicated problems can be solved with checklists, rules, processes, plans, milestones, machines and algorithms. However, in the domain of the complex, more than mere tools are needed to get the work done. We need organizational tools capable of integrating people and their capabilities back into the work. In other words; we need Complexitools.
Niels explains how the contemporary, smart and agile organization can be conceived, built and developed. Anywhere. Fast. Niels argues that QRM and moving beyond command and control, require not reinvention, not revolution, but a renaissance. Expect to be surprised, inspired and invited to reflect both practice and theory of work, performance systems, organizational design, leadership and change.

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   QRM World Conference Eindhoven - 19th & 20th of June 2018

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