Elements of a Living Learning Community for Operations Managers and Researchers in HV/LV

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Menno Herkes - HAN University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands and

Benjamin Buetfering - University of Applied Sciences, Osnabrueck, Germany

Improving process performance is vital for companies to survive in today’s markets with an increasing demand for customization. Lean (QRM) principles and Smart Technologies are important for these companies. However, knowledge about applying these principles and technologies are scattered across academic and literature. There is also a practicality gap. In order to overcome this gap, we developed a framework for a Living Learning Community to support Lean and Smart Operations in High-Variety/Low-Volume environments. This framework consists of best practices and case studies, references to knowledge sources, application-oriented teaching material available on the web, and a network action learning methodology for accelerating improvements at companies and knowledge creation at (applied) universities.

Download the PDF-version of Menno's presentation here: 

   QRM World Conference Eindhoven - 19th & 20th of June 2018

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