Company Visit: First Impression, Tilburg


QRM Activity

With the focus on rapid growth, we started to divide the company in to five teams in order to maintain speed in the processes and prevent management layers being created. In doing so, everyone has been given full responsibility of their own role, with only one lead per team for coaching and guidance where necessary. The results are clearly visible: shorter lead times, simpler processes, more creativity in the teams and the most important realization; growth. Organizational growth without growth in management functions.

Company Profile

First Impression is all about realizing, eye opening, mind blowing and skin tingling. Sensations for brands, users and event visitors. They are thrilled about technology, thrilled about innovations and suckers for sensation. First Impression specializes in creating customized solutions in the field of modern audio-visual technology. From design and installation, to content design and service. With these resources we know, like no other, how to create the perfect 'experience' in a professional and creative manner.


First Impression, Maidstone 24, 5026 SK, Tilburg

Departure time Eindhoven: 08:15  

Arrival back in Eindhoven: approx. 12:45

   QRM World Conference Eindhoven - 19th & 20th of June 2018

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