“Getting it wrong with SAP, getting it right with MCT” - A tale of international conflict & collaboration


 Ian Bergman – Senior Consultant



It should all have been so easy. An international project team, backing from the CEO and a predominance of waiting time on the MCT map. Yet three months later, despite the additional capacity of an extra shift, we had only succeeded in redistributing the white space and filling up the warehouse. Were the French to blame? Was it the new ERP system? What had we done wrong?

This case study focuses on applying MCT to a cross country operation, of made to measure radiators. MCT was used to help understand how the ERP scheduling system really worked. A 40% reduction in MCT was achieved and a lot of hard lessons learnt.

Company Profile

Zehnder is an international provider of solutions for a perfect indoor climate. The company is Swiss owned and produces in thirteen manufacturing locations in Europe, North America and China. The company has been using QRM, as an addition to its Lean Initiative, for over 3 years.              

Wertfabrik AG is the leading Lean consultancy in Switzerland with a proven track record of
implementing improvements along the value chain. They started to use QRM methods to better
focus on the needs of client who have a large product-mix and great variation in demand.

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   QRM World Conference Eindhoven - 19th & 20th of June 2018

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