Working autonomously and the art of planning

 Peter Roosen and Rens Broks – Head of Production and Head of the Business Office

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Bregil created flow and significantly reduced delivery times by working with autonomous teams. A shared sense of urgency started the improvement journey of the company. Visualizing the status and expressing the value of the employee's contribution turned out to be essential in their approach. The presentation will also zoom in on the planning problems they have had to overcome. When things became complicated, a planner stepped forward and created a well-thought-out planning, but these plans were plagued by re-planning attempts. Why do we often forget that the real knowledge rests with our employees who produce the customer orders?

Company Profile

Bregil is a metalworking company consisting of 50 colleagues, who are specialized in the production of tailor-made products for shop fittings such as displays and furniture. It is a one-stop shop that has all the expertise and facilities needed to take care of all customer aspects, from development to production and assembly.

Download the PDF-version of Peter and Rens' presentation here: 

   QRM World Conference Eindhoven - 19th & 20th of June 2018

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