Successful QRM Cases

QRM Cases

QRM brings Bregil peace and more turnover

The shop floor is empty, there is peace and quiet and yet a much higher turnover than before. Initially that felt quite strange to both the management team and the employees of Bregil in Gilze.
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                                               DIAM Prestige Europe

The DIAM Group creates, develops, produces and installs a wide range of merchandising solutions (POS) and sales solutions to enhance in-store products. Their services are aimed primarily at major luxury brands.

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Reducing Time-To-Market through Quick Response Manufacturing

How an international high-tech company achieved an 80% reduction of lead time and discovered unexpected benefits throughout the organization.

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                                           QRM-foundation strengthens Blozo’s force

Much has changes in a year at metal company Blozo in Vlaardingen. Now there is peace in the workplace, more laughter and employees feel involved in everything that happens.

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M-Design Production halves delivery times and doubles sales thanks to QRM

Making high-quality products from sheet material is something M-Design Production could already do best. It was planning or predicting the delivery that often deemed to be a challenge.

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